Paris, France


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Practical information

Here, you’ll find the info you need for the conference about hotels, visas, meals, the weather and wi-fi.

1. Hotels

To help you to organize your stay in Paris, some hotels are listed here below. Some others are coming soon.

2. Visa requirements

A visa to France is waived in many cases, including for citizens of the countries of the Schengen Agreement, United States, Canada, Israel, and Japan. However, it is mandatory in other cases, for example, for citizens of mainland China and India. Please visit this web site for all the necessary information. If a visa is needed, we strongly recommend that people get in touch with their local French consulate as soon as possible to see what the local procedure is. Please allow sufficient time to process a visa application if required.

According to the France Diplomatie web site, scientists are not charged a visa application fee, so prepare the necessary documentation to support this — a Ph.D. diploma and short CV should suffice. In any case, please contact your local consulate to find out what specific requirements they have.

3. Meals

Most hotels provide (continental) breakfast at an additional charge (usually 8-12 Euros).

4. Weather

Paris in November is cool, but not too cold. The average temperature for the month is around 40 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius) but there can be major variations in climate. It may rain depending on the temperature.

5. Wireless Internet connection

A wireless internet connection will be provided during the conference.