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Daniel Kaplan


Daniel Kaplan

Daniel Kaplan, 52, is the founder and CEO of the Next-Generation Internet Foundation (FING). FING is a collective and open Research and Development project that produces and shares novel and actionable ideas to anticipate digital transformations.

In 1986, he cofounded one of the world’s first digital communication agencies, JKLM, which he headed until the early 1990s. He then became a consultant and co-founded Proposition, a consultancy specialized in digital strategies.

Since the 1990’s, Daniel Kaplan has been deeply involved in the Internet’s development and evolution. He was VP-Membership of the Internet Society worldwide, and contributed to the creation of ICANN. He served in the European Commission’s e-Europe’s Experts Chamber and currently sits in France’s National Digital Council.

He is a member of several large companies’ Foresight Committees.

Mr. Kaplan has written or directed more than 25 books and public reports on the internet, mobility and ubiquitous networking, ambient intelligence, e-inclusion, e-commerce, e-education, electronic media, cities and sustainable development, privacy and digital identities...

Latest book in English: Digital Privacy Revisited, To protect and to project, Fyp Editions, 2010